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Would Be Gods You stand before me in naked dress and as naked do I dream Everywhere roses, their heavy scent, soft petals lips on mine This rose I hold from your sweet adorning, it shall never fade with time - Destinyís upon us, we may linger, but I have seen the sign - Regardless my frailty to common love, in the face of romance, both surreal and boundless, in the face of one huge climb - This is the magic of unconditional friendship, the tears you shed, theyíre mine - It has but one edge, of gold, is timeless, whereas romance all too soon dies - Love when tested which has no boundaries - we can be gods letís try My greater happiness through yours always is the reason why But should the memory grow dim behind you, at least Iím on your side - And should you return while Iím still living, thereíll be no moving time. Click here to see the poem illustration.

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The Last Dance Lost decades of countless nights through every open door, I reflect while I dance and then I dance some more - When then, as of a reflex, seems I've crashed to the floor, feeling rather inconsequential and certainly sore, whilst my mind still spinning, over a smile to adore Oh, so vibrant, rose scented, heaven sweet, so fair, are you real, or, of the moonlight, and if your real , then, may I stare Seems your serenity is quite total, so there's nothing I can quite touch, but I'm swimming in deep blue oceans, through your endless golden locks So, from whence have you come here, it must be immensely far and if we leave together, then, will you show me from which star So gracious, and now I'm standing: I love you, does it show: your hands, so soft, like snow dear, your touch, oh, so tender, lips, petals kiss breath goes Surely, even for the last dance, this is immensely slow, but I think that we should hang-on, and never quite let go.

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