Friendships And The Mountainous Dilemma Of Ages Fact one The first measure for youth is vitality. Fact two Socioageopaths are to the ageless as sociopaths are to the masses. Fact Three Socioageopaths require therapy no more and no less than sociopaths. Fact Four Little is known for certain of a person merely on account of years, but a very considerable amount may be perceived to be so. Fact Five The spiritually ageless are the most deserved of youth.

The Love of Unconditional Friendship - The Journey Leading up to a time of proposed unconditional friendship and of its love, taking it of course the circumstances should eventually render such a relationship possible, there is the need for both very considerable imagery and desire. You now have in place the preparation required, which is emotional to degree, but idealistic to the fullest extent possible. The emotional element need essentially be both innocent, attained through projection, but above all controlled. Mere emotional love can neither counsel nor untangle from the self ego. The love of unconditional friendship however is by its single nature single edged and the virtual perfect state. The love of unconditional friendship is too often confused however with obsessive love by those an indoctrinated slave to societies psychology, and by those found woefully inadequate in its wake. The love of unconditional friendship is different from a mother`s love for here there exists no ownership. Socioageopaths Where age disparity is wide socioageopaths plot to create for their generally more ageless victims the despair and often utter loneliness of being excluded from the most compatible of social company. It is not commonly accepted that if compatibility were to be given credence over age that then freed-up from the current programming approach instincts might once again reveal the truth of individual souls. There would consequence far more truly genuine friendships that in turn would likely endure for considerably more time. Most if not all of us are ageist, even if only a comparative few positively socioageopathic.