My Conundrum Heavy clouds of longing and their tears must wash me out to sea - To where each time a mountain with the face of heaven - my love's ascending thee - Until just that moment when it is written and it's plain for all to see - The clouds must brake and in a stream, I crash back to the sea - Why, when sunlight clasps the earth from heaven and moonbeams kiss the sea When all that comes with love must be perfection - why What is all this sweet work worth if thou cannot love me? Kates 2008 Girl Talk Heaven scented flowers heaped, while lights a-flashing, disco traffic - 'thinking' - is this where I belong girls, is this where I belong - But heaven scented flowers heaped my heart, and dance, in the midst of verse song keeps girls, in my heart they'll never weep - So, here it is, my answer, but are you thinking, then how could this be wrong, how could this be wrong girls; how when he's made of song - Let dance embrace of my heart, so bonded - our every movement one - Until the last to dance this dance, let's make it last, I'm in a trance, my heart forever the song girls, my heart forever this song - With a rainbow where once my lowly path - dreams are possible, what's said apart - I know where I belong girls, let's hope he comes along - "I'm in his video - How cool is that?"

Affirmations (1) There is only self-love from where there's personal gain Lust destroys the friendships of deprived hearts Trust not even love for the sanctuary of the spirit Friendship fights all battles, love fights some, but vanity only fights its own Love, self-love and the need to be loved can play the same tune for most of the time The ultimate test for love is when it is unrequited, or, in instances of a third party, for it is then self-love must remove its cloak There is no love where there's expectation If friendship be truly valued, chance it not to the turbulence of emotion The biggest test for friendship, is when the furtherance of the others well-being, requires to be put before matters of heart To the extent that love is made substitute for friendship, there is meaningless and pointless emotion The platonic love of unconditional friendship is supreme and has no downside Devoid of love there is only truth Love of another and love of oneself play the same tune for most of the time The young are both the most able and relentless in the art of entrapment While it's important to match ages, real ages, not chronological ages and certainty not mere facial ages, it's far more important to match people Only the young carry the yardstick for youth Our youth's preoccupation with birth dates in making acquaintances discriminates against both the old and the young One's first responsibility should be to how and what a thing is and not to what it appears, for if truth doesn't change appearance, then appearance shall invariably truth Kates 2007

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