Shopping My girlfriends are but acquaintances, like most others, perhaps true - But there's no magic, no excitement and no scampering to the loo - When you hold a mirror to institution is its reflection of you - Well, almost everything approaching friendship is eventually misconstrued - If there are exceptions I know none they're so few - The more you need friendship the less they need you - You are more than twenty years old now, and that's adult too - Their friendship doesn't exist because mine's always misconstrued - This is my unconditional friendship, so what more can I do - We've so much in common, but not chromosomes, that's true Which is actually all about being more responsible Sue Yes, I know we're supposed to be programmed, but I'm not brain-washed, are you - There's no mirror, it's just glass, which I see clearly through - So, please speak of your whispers and just give me some clue - "Despite all of my problems are with my own age, not you - My friends have all told me it's too good to be true - So, age discrimination and sexism to your friendship and you I'm a product of institution so care nothing for what's true - When I hold a mirror to institution there's only me and not you" All this is past, but here to haunt me and meanwhile at the till - With a positive response she's feeling guilty and if not that than perhaps it's dirty I'm held in contempt and an easy target, when all I've ever done is to mention dancing - Such is the curse of institution, for everyone speaks of what they're doing that evening well, don't they - Such is the curse of institution, when young adults still think they're children When young adults still think they're children, they'll retaliate to suppressed blame over their own ageism So, with enough guilt and shame it soon pours over and potential friends are attacked over mismatched numbers - Even if to friendship many good words uttered (The behaviour of a schizophrenic is even considered quite normal) - On the back of guilt there's often hatred (Their complaints and attacks are to make them 'perfect') - For dance spells corruption with instincts smothered and for the first unveiled they only have numbers - 'So, I tell you she hates me in near all that I do - She's spreading insults and gossip over near everything too - But there's nothing I don't know by now, save for more about the few - Turning - Whatever you do now says only more about you - You don't pull your punches, but open wide is that door - I understand

the feeling now please tell much more - There's no success without the ridicule and to be so pitied are these In my defence it's the case they often gang-up you see - To look worse when as they so often gang-up then flee - She suffers because she thinks that she belongs and not me - I'm in contempt because I'm much older yet look well in her dress - She's thinking, not possible, he's only acting at best - So, I'm male, yet much like you, but know, I'm not the enemy 'Kess' - Everybody would know that if they were not brain-washed too - Without either intuition or instinct they can only act like they do - But even in blind ignorance surely something must get through? - It's about boyfriends and stepfathers, seldom us strangers - But they are so well programmed to be oblivious of where lies the danger (Which is good for procreation and jealous fathers, but in a world that's so full? - That's surely no answer) - For age discrimination is a growing cancer, which they'll joyfully ride, put on by nature - In an all out bid to age the ageless, through the most subtle mechanism of self-loathing - Continuing - Your gift is your focus, how you express without words - Now to be a great actress simply believe that it's yours - To your utterances yes, now please follow me this course - I'm drinking of the poison which comes with the curse - But I'm no slave to institution and seems to me that's worse - So, perhaps before my time, until tomorrow, with an evolutionary blink - When youth will be eternal and shopping far more quick. Kates 08

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