My Theory Of Ageing
Put fifty years with twenty and it struggles to go
Though that`s a gap which I refuse to know
Refuse enough and the clock does slow
The crowds want us with them
It`s all they know
While their doors are closing
Can you here them crow
Programming`s their problem
So make sure you know
Thus to retain perception
To make ageing slow
Intrinsic to being human
The unquestioning flock
Without primary perception
Only status quo status quo
With landmarks for our ageing
On every door closed
So with every stumble forward
To grow ever old
For only through bridging time
Will time ever slow
But time measures ageing
For everyone says it`s so
Tirelessly programmed
Wearily old
If age were not counted
This disease might just go
But in a sub-prime environment
We can but grow old.
Those that believe they are too old either are or very soon will be.
Deprogramming only requires the thinking mind to work.
Proof is always illusive when trying to establish the effectiveness of any youth prolonging intervention but my conviction is that the ageing disease can be considerably stifled by positive thought, a healthy diet and rigorous exercise.